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  • As of today Stamp Duty has been reformed, and in many cases will greatly reduce the stamp duty payable on a house purchase.
  • In February 2014, Devon resident Percy MacDonald died as a result of mesothelioma. He was exposed to asbestos when working as a waste product lorry driver, at Battersea Power Station between 1954 and 1958.
  • Community assets are building or amenities that play a vital role in local life. They include libraries, community centres, village shops, markets and pubs. Without these community assets, local life would not be the same. Now there is a way to protect them.
  • The Law Society has revealed that 73 per cent of people aged between 16 and 54 year have no will. The Society warns that dying without a will can be devastating to loved ones and can increase the inheritance tax burden unnecessarily.
  • The landmark ruling on 4 November 2014 means the door is opened for potentially thousands of claims against employers who have not included overtime in holiday pay calculations for employees. However, there are criteria which must be met.
  • Are you an employer or an employee? New rules are now in place concerning the minimum wage, and the rights of expectant fathers. Shared parental leave is also coming. Read on for an essential update.
  • It is tempting to think you can save money by bringing a claim yourself. This might be true for very straightforward cases but you could run into costs problems.
  • Has your partner died without leaving a will? What do the new rules on intestacy mean for you and your family? Click for further information about what happens in these circumstances.
  • Has a professional let you down? Maybe you lost a case in court, or you have fallen out with your accountant or architect. If so, you need to know what evidence you need to bring a successful claim. Early analysis is essential to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Has someone said or written something about you which has harmed your reputation or the reputation of your business? Traditional CFA or "no win no fee" arrangements are still available for defamation cases, but don't delay, as you have limited time to bring a claim.
  • Disputes concerning property repairs and maintenance are very common. Read on for a summary of a landlord's main obligations.
  • A power of attorney enables you to appoint one or more people to manage your property and finances on your behalf in the event that you are no longer able to do so yourself, maybe because you have suffered a stroke, or have developed dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • In an departure from the usual decisions, a commercial creditor has been able to obtain possession of a matrimonial home.
  • Samuels Solicitors are delighted to welcome Gillian Hibbard as Samuels' new trainee solicitor. Gillian is welcome addition to our expanding firm and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.
  • Deposit protection schemes have a trap which could prevent landlords from regaining possession of their property from a residential tenant. Read on for further information about how to protect yourself.
  • Well done to the girls at Falcons Cheer on your recent successes. The photo is fantastic and we really appreciate it. We look forward to seeing you going from strength to strength.
  • Do you have squatters? The law now says they are committing a crime, but this doesn't mean that the clock stops running on adverse possession claims. You still need to know how to protect yourself as a property owner.
  • Have you been left out of a will? Has an executor treated you unfairly? Have you had problems because a will was not drafted properly?
  • It is common for eaves, gutters or fascias to overhang a neighbour’s property.This can particularly affect new properties, where developers have squeezed as many houses as possible into a small space. If this causes you problems, this article will help you decide whether you could have a claim.
  • There are tough new regulations in place which regulate contracts between businesses and consumers. If you own or run an internet business read on.
  • Falcons Cheerleaders are on the up. We are proud to be able to assist them with sponsorship and look forward to following their successes in future!
  • All employers need to know about the new rules which allow employees to request flexible working. Employers need to know what their obligations are for dealing with these requests and employees need to know about their rights.
  • If a solicitor misses a deadline, it can have disastrous consequences for your case. If this has happened to you, all may not be lost, but you need to get advice from an expert as quickly as possible.
  • Have you suffered because of a problem with a will? There is a new case which highlights what should happen where a simple mistake has been made.
  • Samuels is delighted to welcome Mark Cummings. Mark has particular areas of expertise which will benefit our clients and the firm.