Breach of Privacy Articles and News

If your private or confidential information is misused, it can cause you huge problems, with your personal relationships, your employer, or with business colleagues and contacts. Breaches of your privacy can mean that you are entitled to claim compensation from the person or organisation that caused the breach. This could be someone who has used images or videos that you told them were private, if someone has “outed” you as homosexual, or any disclosure of information about you which you are entitled to expect would be private, such as letters and text messages. If another person accesses your email or social media accounts, and uses the information they find against you, again that can be a breach of your privacy. If you want to protect your privacy, or to claim compensation from someone who you think has breached your privacy, or seek an injunction against them to stop further breaches of your privacy occurring, our expert solicitors can help you.

  • Is it right that upskirting is an offence, whilst downblousing is not? Why the law needs to catch up with technology in order to protect breach of privacy victims.
  • A suspect in a criminal case has a right to privacy, right up to the point where they are arrested. Before that, it would be a breach to report on the investigation.
  • A recent case has found that a doorbell fitted with a camera has breached the privacy of the owner of a neighbouring property. Are you worried that your neighbours are filming you?
  • The BBC will not be appealing the case it lost against Sir Cliff Richard, but what will the implications be for the general public?
  • Legal costs reach £900k before a claim has even got off the ground. How is this possible?