Claiming Compensation from a Builder

When a builder makes a mistake when working on your home or a commercial property that you own, the consequences can be devastating. 


What are examples of mistakes by builders?

Claims against builders and construction professionals can arise in a number of ways, including:

  • work undertaken negligently;
  • incompetent building work;
  • failure to follow a building specification;
  • failure to follow planning or building control requirements;
  • using defective materials;
  • works taking an excessive time to complete; and
  • payment disputes.

If you have a dispute with a "cowboy builder" or another construction professional, the damage done to your property can be immense, and very expensive to put right. It is vital that you obtain legal advice as quickly as possible to avoid further damage being done.


What happens during a building dispute?

During a building dispute, it is important that evidence is preserved so that you will be able to get on with putting things right, at the same time as seeking damages for your losses. This usually means that an expert will need to be instructed at an early stage. At Samuels Solicitors, we have a network of experts throughout the country, who are able to prepare surveys of buildings which are the subject of disputes, quickly and cost effectively.

Once an expert's report has been obtained, and following the protocol for construction and engineering disputes, it can be possible to resolve disputes at an early stage and on an amicable basis. If this is not possible, we can help find an alternative solution, which can include issuing Court proceedings.


What if the Builder I want to Sue has no Money?

if the builder that you want to sue has no money and is likely to go bankrupt, we will provide you with advice at an early stage about other ways in which you might be able to resolve your dispute. However, it is not uncommon for a builder, engineer, or other construction professional, to be insured. This means it can be easier for you to recover damages and costs. You may also have insurance yourself which can help with our legal fees.

If your opponent is not insured, we will consider with you whether your matter is suitable for a conditional fee (no win no fee) funding arrangement.


How do I start a Claim against my Builder?

If you have been let down by a builder, it is important that you take legal advice as quickly as you can, to ensure that you preserve the necessary evidence, and to make sure you start the claim off in the right way. If you contact us today, you can speak to one of our expert lawyers for a free initial assessment of your case.



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