Defamation & Reputation Articles and News

Defamation is the umbrella term which covers both libel and slander. When you are defamed, harm is caused to your reputation. If that harm is serious, and depending upon the context in which the untrue words have been published about you, it is possible that you could bring a claim for compensation and an injunction. Defamation claims are only dealt with by the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court. They are generally very complex and technical, and expert assistance is required to deal with defamation matters effectively. 

There are two types of defamation, libel and slander. Libel is untrue statements which are made in a permanent form, usually in writing. Slander refers to untrue statements which are made in a non permanent form, usually by being spoken. Defamation of character can have far reaching consequences. You could fall out with friends and family, you could be shunned from clubs or societies that you are a member of, and in extreme circumstances, you could lose your job. Restoring your reputation involves making technically challenging allegations to your opponents and then potentially bringing a claim in court. The complexity of this type of case, and the short period of time that you have to bring a claim, means that it is advisable to speak to a lawyer as quickly as possible if you have suffered defamation of your character. We have a team of expert lawyers who can assist you with this type of case.