What is a Power of Attorney?

Rebecca Parr

A Power of Attorney gives someone else the ability to make decisions about various aspects of your life, such as your finances or medical treatment, if you are no longer able to make these decisions yourself.

Preparing a power of attorney is an important aspect of putting your affairs in order. It reduces the burden on your loved ones and ensures that in the event of the unexpected happening, your affairs will be administered by someone you trust.

Powers of attorney are not limited solely to property and finances. Advances in medical science mean more and more people are considering what they would like to happen at the end of their lives. If you have a degenerative or terminal illness, you may be considering what treatments you would, or would not, like to receive. It is also possible to draw up a power of attorney relating to your health and personal welfare and to put advance decisions in place relating to life sustaining treatment.  

Where a person is no longer able to manage his or her property and finances and does not have a power of attorney in place it is usually necessary to apply to a specialist court known as “the Court of Protection” for an order enabling a family member or close friend to manage that person’s finances on his/her behalf. This process can prove complex and time consuming, which is why powers of attorney can be so important. We can advise and assist you on all aspects of Court of Protection applications.

If you or a loved one needs a power of attorney, we can help.

Samuels Solicitors has been assisting clients throughout North Devon to put their affairs in order for over 25 years. We have a caring and sypathetic apprach, and we will always advise you about fees at the very outset. If you find it difficult to get to our offices, we will visit you at home, in reisdential care, in hospital, or wherever is most convenient for you.

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