Nicky Shepherd

Head of Reception

Nicky started working for Samuels in September 2007, after working for a local estate agent for 19 years. She is the face of our firm, and her professionalism, hospitality and competence are outstanding.

Nicky is extremely kind and caring, with a real knack of putting clients at their ease when they come to visit our offices. The chances are, she'll remember how you take your tea on your next visit!

Nicky understands the work we do at Samuels inside out. Even if you don't know which type of solicitor you need to speak to, Nicky will be able to quickly understand your matter and put you though to the right person who can help you. She is well-respected throughout our firm, and amongst the many professionals who we deal with on a day to day basis. 

Because of her attention to detail, and her friendly, patient personality, Nicky is responsible for training many of our new very junior staff, many of whom have never worked in an office environment before. The majority of those staff stay with us for a long time, and develop legal careers of their own. 

Nicky loves spending time with her family and going for walks in the beautiful North Devon countryside that she calls home.

Nicky will call you back or you can send an email directly to: