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We provide cost effective expert services to individuals in a range of areas.


Making a Will

If you do not have a will, or you are worried that your existing will is out of date, we can help you. A will is a very important document, as without it, you have no control over where your assets go after you die.

We have a low fixed fee for preparing wills, and our experts will guide you through every step of the process.


Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document which appoints someone you trust to make decisions about your property and finances, or about your health and welfare, if you are no longer able to make these decisions for yourself.

People can become incapacitated either because of age-related dementia, or because of illness or injury and so a power of attorney is an important document for anyone to have.

If you want to put powers of attorney in place either for your health and welfare or your property and finance, our expert team have been helping clients with this for many years.



If you want to set up a Trust to manage your assets for family members or other beneficiaries, either in your lifetime or after you have gone, it is vital that you take expert advice as this is an extremely complex area of law.

Setting up trusts can be tax efficient ways of dealing with your assets after you are gone, and so it is important to consider whether a trust is right for you, when preparing your will.

Our highly qualified and expert team are here to help.


Tax Planning

Similarly, tax planning is a very important part of looking after your family members, either in your lifetime or after you have gone. We will help you ensure that your assets are managed in the most tax efficient way and it is important to consider the tax implications for any beneficiaries, when you are making your will.

If your tax affairs are particularly complex, we have a wide network of tax experts and accountants who can help with your tax planning.



Probate is the process of dealing with the affairs of a deceased person, making sure that the necessary taxes are paid, paying any beneficiaries under their will and dealing with the disposal of any assets that need to be sold, such as property.

Dealing with probate can be stressful, particularly for grieving families. We can help you through every step of the probate process.


Changing Your Name

There can be many reasons why people wish to legally change their name, such as after a family breakdown, or simply because they want to make a fresh start.

If you want to change your name, or change the name of your child, there is a process which needs to be followed which we can undertake for you for a low fixed fee.


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