Slander Articles and News

Slander is a form of defamation, which occurs in a non-permanent form, usually when someone speaks untrue words about you. Slander can have a serious and ongoing effect upon your reputation, and can cause untold harm if rumours are not brought into check at an early stage. In slander cases, the claimant usually has to prove not only that their reputation has been harmed by the lie, but also that they have suffered financial loss as a result of what’s been said. Whilst this can be hard to prove, we can help as our expert solicitors have many years of experience in handling slander claims. It is not unusual for slander cases to involve other causes of action, such as harassment, which we can also advise you about. You don’t have to put up with being slandered. There are actions you can take to protect your reputation but you need to act quickly as you only have 12 months to start your claim.