Residential Conveyancing Articles and News

Buying and selling your home is the biggest financial transaction that most people will ever get involved in. It can also be very stressful, if there are problems with your chain, or if there are difficulties with your mortgage company. We understand that dealing with any kind of stress in your conveyancing transaction will be made worse if you cannot get hold of your solicitor, or if they do not have the expertise to handle problems as they arise. At Samuels, we have been helping our clients buy and sell property for many decades. If we have bought a property for someone in the past, it is not unusual for them to come back to us when they want to sell, as we provide a great professional service, and are available to speak to when you need your questions answered. We will always let you have a quote for a competitive fixed fee for our work, and we have a team of solicitors and other conveyancing professionals who will make sure your purchase or sale goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.