A Breakthrough for Asbestos Victims

Mark Cummings

A recent case has given hope to victims of asbestos related injuries, and their families.

Mr MacDonald’s claim for compensation was initially dismissed on the basis that he was not a direct employee of the occupier of the property, and his exposure was ‘modest’, suggesting it was unlikely to cause any significant health risks.

Mr MacDonald appealed this decision, and the Court of Appeal accepted that working with asbestos, even for a limited amount of time, still constituted a risk. 

The site occupier then appealed to the Supreme Court. The majority of Judges in the Supreme Court found that under the Factories Act 1961, site occupiers are responsible for all people on site, including visitors going about their day-to-day jobs.

This breakthrough judgment now gives greater protection to all asbestos cancer victims, as an astonishing 2500 people die each year from the industrial disease. 

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