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A will is an incredibly important document. It protects the people you love and it ensure that your estate goes to the people and the causes that you wish it to go to. Wills can be quick and easy to draw up and we will always agree a low fixed cost for our work with you at the outset. The cost of your will, will depend upon various factors, but we will always agree it with you in advance. 

Do I need a will?

The answer is yes and here are some of the very good reasons why:

  • By making a will you can plan and provide for your children and others who are close to you, and the causes you care about.
  • Rather than leaving it to the law to decide who benefits from your estate, by making a will you can determine who receives your property and belongings.
  • Making a will means that you can make sure that the person responsible for administering your estate after your death, is someone you trust. 
  • A will is also an important step in tax planning and in protecting your assets.
  • If you have children aged under 18, a will enables you to appoint guardians for them in the event of your death.
  • You can also determine the age at which your children inherit and who would be responsible for managing any monies put in trust for them.

How we can help

Samuels Solicitors is a well-established firm of Barnstaple solicitors, offering a friendly, personal and professional service, tailored to your individual needs. We have been providing will-writing and estate administering services to clients throughout North Devon for over 25 years. We have a large client base in Barnstaple, with increasing numbers of clients in and around Torrington and Bude. 

We are able to offer our standard will preparation services at highly competitive fixed fee rates. We won't add any hidden extras onto our fixed fees at a later date, such as charging you for storage of your will - this service will be free for as long as you require it.

We undertsand that it might be difficult for you to get to our offices, and so we are happy to visit you wherever is most convenient for you, at home, work, in hospital or elsewhere. We are happy to visit clients throughout the North Devon and Torridge areas, but if you are further afield, we will probably still be able to help. 

Not sure if your existing will is correct?

There has been a huge rise in will disputes in recent years, one of the causes of which is will drafting by non professionals. Another reason is that more and more people have second marriages and families, as well as step-children. 

The law has also changed recently, meaning that you are obliged to make provision for your spouse and any other dependents in your will. It is extremely important that you obtain up to date advice about will drafting, as disputes about wills can be costly and damaging for families to sort out. 

If you have made your own will, bought an off-the-shelf will, or even had one prepared by another professional, we will check it for you for FREE, to ensure that it is valid.

How to make a will

Contact one of our specialist team for a free, no obligation chat, and for further information about checking or preparing a will. You have nothing to lose. 

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