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Trusts are a very useful vehicle for asset protection and an important aspect of tax and estate planning.

A trust can be created

  • during a person’s lifetime; or
  • by setting it up in a will.

By creating a trust you can protect young and vulnerable beneficiaries and you can also provide for other family members and those you care for.

A trust is commonly established where a person has been married before and has children from a previous marriage or relationship.

Trusts are also a good means of protecting assets from exposure to nursing home fees later in life and, in some circumstances, in mitigating the inheritance tax burden on your estate.

If relevant to your circumstances we will recommend the use of a trust as part of our tax and estate planning service and will advise you on all important aspects, such as the role and duties of a trustee.

If you want to provide for your children from a first marriage, or if you need advice about whether a trust would be appropriate for you or your loved ones, we can help.

If you would like advice about trusts contact one of our specialist team for a no obligation, free assessment.

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