Claims Against Surveyors Articles and News

Surveyors are trusted to help you with the biggest financial purchase of your life – your home. Surveys are often required by mortgage companies as a condition of lending you the money to buy the home you want, usually to give the mortgage company an idea of the value of the property. However, many people will also opt to have a full survey carried out before they buy, particularly if the property is old. A surveyor will visit the property and prepare a report to advise potential buyers whether there are any particular issues with the property, such as dry rot, damp, the presence of building materials containing asbestos or issues with drainage. Typically, surveys will contain a number of disclaimers about the extent of the survey carried out, and how invasive the survey has been. Surveyors can make mistakes, like any other professional, and in those circumstances, they can be sued to compensate the home owner. Surveyors are insured, and so it is often possible to achieve a negotiated settlement without going to court. Samuels has helped many clients bring successful claims against surveyors, as a result of their professional negligence.