Government to net £6bn in avoidable Inheritance Tax

Abbie Kingdon

Without a will, you cannot ensure that your estate will go to who you want and your loved ones will not necessarily inherit from you.

If you die without a will, it can be very expensive and stressful for your loved ones to deal with your affairs after you have gone. As will disputes have tripled in the last year, a family dispute is increasingly becoming the sad last legacy for many people.

Another consideration, is that far more is often paid in Inheritance Tax than would be the case, if a will is properly drawn up. The Law Society estimates that by 2018, the government will receive nearly £6bn from inheritance tax, which could be massively reduced by having a will and proper tax planning.

Making a will can be simple and straightforward. In other cases, such as where the estate is large, where there are second families or step-children involved, it can be far more complicated.

The Law Society urges people to use a qualified, insured solicitor to draw up their will, because they have the expertise required to ensure that costly misakes are not made.

Many non-solicitors are holding themselves out as qualified to draft wills these days, which could be one of the reasons why will disputes have increased so dramatically.

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