Defamation & Reputation Management

What is Defamation of Character?

Defamation of character occurs when an untrue statement is published, which causes serious harm to your reputation. The two forms of defamation of character are:

  • libel (where the untrue statements are recorded in permanent form); and
  • slander (where the untrue statements are impermanent, such as the spoken word).

Where untrue statements are published about you, provided that they cause serious harm to your reputation, you may well be able to bring a claim for compensation against the person who has published them. The time limits are tight however, and so if you think you have a claim for libel or slander, you should not delay in instructing solicitors. If you try to take action after the deadlines have passed, it can be impossible.


What is the Right To Be Forgotten?

The right to be forgotten is a very powerful tool for individuals who want to manage and tidy up their online profiles, by blocking unwanted and unfavourable search results from internet search engines. These type of applications can be used in numerous circumstances, for example:

  • where claims for defamation are no longer available because they are out of time;
  • when someone has a conviction for a crime which is spent, and wishes to move on with their lives; or
  • if there is other general undesirable or private information about you online.

We can help with quick and cost effective applications to Google and other search engines for the right to be forgotten.

In some cases, internet search engines will refuse applications, but if they do, you have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office and we can help with those appeals as well.


What is Breach of Privacy?

Under the Human Rights Act, you are entitled to a private and family life and any breaches of your privacy may give rise to a claim for damages.

This can sometimes go hand in hand with defamation and other reputation management claims if untrue statements have been published about you in conjunction with breaches of your privacy.

You do not have to tolerate your private and confidential information being misused – there is action that you can take.


What is Harassment?

Harassment also very often accompanies defamation and reputation management claims, if untrue statements are made repeatedly and in lots of different contexts. We can help clients who are being harassed or stalked by other individuals.

In some cases, a claim for harassment can be more straightforward, and you have a much longer period of time in which the claim can be brought.


What is Image Based Abuse?

Formerly known as "revenge porn" but now more properly referred to as “image based abuse”, the sharing of intimate images without consent is a huge reputational management issue. Clear issues of breach of privacy and harassment also arise in these types of cases.

For any of your defamation and reputation management issues, we are happy to have a free initial conversation with you about how we can help.

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