Property Disputes Articles and News

Property disputes can take many different forms, whether it’s a dispute between a property owner and a tenant, a dispute between neighbours, or a dispute with a builder who has carried out sub-standard work. It is always important to speak to an expert to take some legal advice as quickly as possible, if any of these disputes arise, to ensure they do not escalate and to try to resolve matters cost effectively. In some basis (such as where there is faulty building work) an expert’s report might be required, and we can help you to arrange that, so that you can start putting things right. When you have fallen out with a neighbour, you need to know what your rights and obligations are, so that you can decide how you want to try to resolve matters. In many cases, mediation can be effective, but in others, it may be necessary to issue a claim in court. If you have a dispute regarding a property that you rent or own, speak to one of our expert lawyers today for an initial assessment of your case.