Harassment & Stalking Articles and News

Harassment is a rare type of case in which both the civil and the criminal law come into play. If someone follows a course of action which causes distress or alarm to another person, that can be harassment. This means that you can ask the police to investigate, in the hope that they will bring criminal charges against your harasser, and you can bring a claim for damages in the civil courts for the harm they have caused to you. Harassment and stalking cases are difficult for victims, primarily because of the dreadful time they have had at the hands of the stalker or harasser. That is where we can help. We have a dedicated team of specialist lawyers who regularly deal with harassment and stalking cases, and understand the pressures and complexities of these types of cases. We can help you recover damages for the harm you have suffered, as well as helping you take out an injunction against your harasser, to prevent their behaviour from continuing.