How to Change Your Name Articles and News

It doesn’t matter why you want to change your name. As an adult in England & Wales, you have the right to change your name to whatever you would like, whether that is your firm name or surname. You can also change the name of your child. The procedure for changing your name involves drafting documents and an application which need to be submitted, along with the correct fee. If you need help changing your name, we can assist. Our lawyers have helped many people in your situation, to make a fresh start. We understand that once you have made the decision to change your name, you don’t want to hang around. We will therefore draft the documents for you quickly and efficiently, for a low fixed fee. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

  • The rules are wide, but there are some restrictions you need to be aware of if you are thinking of changing your name.
  • With the news earlier this year that a whole country - Swaziland - changed it's name, how easy is it for you?
  • Changing your name can be done by way of a Change of Name Deed or other official document. But what about for your children? Find out here.