Bringing a Claim for Personal Injury

Had an accident that you want to claim for?

If you have had an accident that was not your fault, you should be able to bring a claim for compensation for the injuries you have suffered. You may have ongoing issues as a result of your accident, which you will need help with in the future. 

If your child has had an accident, then you would be able to instruct us on their behalf, if you are their parent or have legal responsibility for the child. Personal injury claims by children can be more complex and result in higher damages being paid, if the child will require ongoing complex care for the rest of their lives.

To ensure that you or a loved one receives the compensation you are entitled to, it is important that you receive expert advice from a qualified lawyer, as quickly as possible. 

Samuels Solicitors are one of the West Country’s leading personal injury law firms. We can take the stress out of pursuing a claim and ensure that you secure payment of the appropriate compensation and rehabilitation that you deserve.

We have acted for clients from all over the South West, and throughout the UK as a whole, and have recovered compensation and costs in relation to many different types of personal injury claim. 

We do not "buy in" personal injury work from claims management firms, so there are no hidden costs which can be passed on to you. This means that you get to keep more of the compensation that you are entitled to.


What type of accident can I claim for?

We can assist in relation to most accidents, including:

  • An accident at work

    When we go to work, we hope that accidents will not happen. Unfortunately sometimes they do. Accidents at work could arise where employers fail to provide suitable tools and machinery, fail to ensure that tools and machinery are in a safe condition, fail to keep the work place clean and in a tidy condition, or fail to provide adequate training and safety wear.

    Accidents could include head injuries, manual handling claims, falling from height, back injuries, construction action claims, work places slips and trips and claims arising as a result of defective equipment.   

  • An accident in your car:

    Victims of road collisions can suffer serious injuries which affect not only themselves but also their family.

    Collisions can occur as result of negligent actions by another driver, failing to maintain a vehicle or the condition of the road.

    Injuries can be serious and life changing. Claims can include compensation for pain suffering and loss of amenity and we at Samuels specialise in maximising such claims and ensure that where it is appropriate rehabilitation takes place at an early stage.      

  • Tripping accident:

    If you suffer a tripping accident, and suffer an injury as a result, then you maybe able to claim compensation. Every Highway Authority has a duty to maintain roads and footpaths, and this includes having a system of inspection and repair. 

    You could claim against a Highway Authority that has failed to maintain roads and footpaths. If a defect has caused you to fall then the Highway’s Authority maybe in breach of their duty and you can claim compensation.
  • An accident in a public area:

    If you have suffered an injury in a public place then the responsibility for your accident may rest with the owner of the place where the accident happened, or the local authority. Such accidents could occur in supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

    The owner or occupier of the building owes a duty of care to take reasonable care as to ensure that the visitor is reasonably safe in using the premises for the reason they are there. 

  • Personal injury arising as a result of clinical or medical negligence:

    Whilst receiving clinical care it is possible that things can go wrong.

    A person receiving treatment is owed a duty of care by the doctor or health care professional and when there is a breach of duty of care, which results in you being harmed, you maybe entitled to claim compensation as a result. The court would consider whether the care you received fell below the standard of a reasonably competent clinician.

    Clinical negligence could relate to surgery, medication, diagnosis, delay in treatment, psychiatric or psychotherapy care and counselling. Liability could be established against not only the doctors and health care professionals, but also the NHS Trust and Clinical Commissions for which they may work.      

  • Birth injuries:

    The effect of a birth injury can be devastating, both for mother and child and these types of claims are unfortunately on the rise.

    If a mother or baby are injured during pregnancy or child birth due to clinical or medical negligence then a claim for compensation can be made.

    At an early stage we would work with you to identify the support required for you and/or your child, and whether early rehabilitation needs to be considered. 

  • Claims relating to industrial diseases:

    Industrial disease claims come about as a result of you contracting a condition which has been caused by your work, or workplace.

    These claims can include diseases caused by asbestos related work, cataracts, anthrax, dermatitis, leukaemia, emphysema, lung disease and psoriasis of the liver.


Is no win no fee available for personal injury claims?

We will assess the merits of your claim from the information that you provide to us at the start. It is likely that we will also require advice from a medical expert early on in your case. If we can establish that your case has good prospects of success, it is possible that we will be able to help you on a conditional (also known as a no win no fee) basis.

If your case is not suitable for a no win no fee arrangement, we will discuss other funding options with you. We will always help you to check whether you have any insurance cover (for example as part of your buildings and contents insurance) which could help you pay for your legal fees. 

We will provide you with an initial view about your case for free, and without any obligation upon you, so you have nothing to lose.

Contact us today for a free discussion about your case. 

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