A partnership is a well established mechanism for more than one individual to jointly run a business together. Partnerships can be established as a formal arrangement, with a written agreement between the partners. However, many businesses are run as partnerships without this level of formality, but they are still subject to partnership law.

Disputes can arise for many reasons whether or not partners have a formal partnership agreement. Disputes can arise in many different ways, for example if one partner is not contributing enough time to the business, or if one partner wants to extract more money than they are entitled to. 

Disputes can also arise about whether assets belong to the partners as individuals, or to the partnership business and these can be complicated to resolve. 

Samuels Solicitors has broad ranging and comprehensive experience of advising on issues such as personal disputes between partners, breach of partnership agreements, retirement from partnerships, bringing partnerships to an end and bringing new partners in.

We understand that the health of many businesses lies in the strength of the relationship between the partners and will advise quickly and effectively to ensure that this can be preserved wherever possible.

We appreciate that funding these cases can be difficult, particularly where a dispute has arisen that can affect your partnership's cash flow. For this reason, we will always explore your funding options with you and will always be willing to consider flexible funding arrangements for clients with strong cases.

If you have a dispute with your business partner, we can help. Just contact us for a an initial discussion about your case with one of our experts, on a confidential basis