Legal Assistance for Landlords and Tenants

At Samuels Solicitors LLP, based in Barnstaple and Kingsbridge, Devon, we have an excellent reputation for providing quality advice to both residential and commercial landlords and tenants.

Matters relating to landlord and tenant issues can be extremely complex and it is vital that you receive expert advice as soon as any issue arises, in order to avoid unfavorable outcomes and to avoid unnecessary costs being incurred.

Commercial Tenancy Disputes

In relation to commercial tenancies we advise on all of the relevant issues that can arise, including the following:

  • Advice to both landlords and tenants on their rights and obligations;
  • Providing advice in relation to the breaches of the lease, including the service of Section 146 Notices;
  • Dealing with breaches of covenants contained within the lease;
  • Advising both landlords and tenants in relation to the forfeiture of a lease and any relief that the tenant maybe entitled to;
  • Advising on issues of enforcement, including commercial rent recovery;
  • Drafting and serving notices on behalf of either party;
  • Dealing with rent reviews; and
  • Representing the landlord or tenant in negotiations, mediation and court proceedings.


Residential Tenancy Disputes

In relation to residential tenancies we offer comprehensive advice to both parties, including the following:

  • Advising upon the terms and conditions of tenancy agreements and their suitability;
  • Advising both tenants and landlords in relation to their rights and obligations;
  • Dealing with tenants’ claims for housing disrepair, including pursuing or defending the claim under the relevant protocol, obtaining expert advice and issuing court proceedings;
  • All issues concerning enforcement of the tenancy terms and conditions, including drafting and serving section 8 and section 21 notices;
  • Dealing with possession proceedings for and against tenants; and
  • Dealing with any contractual or statutory rent review.


We appreciate how important it is to resolve issues between landlords and tenants before matters escalate and, on as cost effective a basis as possible. We provide a high level of customer service and both our commercial and residential clients regularly recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family.

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