Every day we make contracts, when we buy a house, a car or even a newspaper. Many contracts are verbal, but the more detailed and complicated a transaction becomes, the more important it is for the contract to be in writing. This is even more so when the contract is between companies where detailed obligations are being imposed on all parties.

Samuels’ dispute resolution team are highly skilled in dealing with contractual disputes. These can arise from straightforward breaches (such as non-payment of monies, or failing to provide goods or services), but can also involve more complex issues such as termination clauses, penalty clauses, intellectual property and guarantees.

We encourage parties’ to consider alternative dispute resolution at an early stage, as often this can mean commercial relationships can be preserved. Where this is not possible, our formidable litigation experience means that we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients on a regular basis.

We appreciate that disputes can be expensive. We have many years of expertise in providing clients with innovative ways in which to fund their claims. We will discuss with you at an early stage what funding options may be available to you and we provide bespoke funding arrangements to clients with strong cases.

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