Insolvency is a complex area of law, which includes bankruptcy and liquidation. Samuels has long-standing expertise in all aspects of insolvency and we act for Insolvency Practitioners, the Official Receiver, Liquidators, Trustees in Bankruptcy and Administrators in all aspects of enforcement. 

We understand that if cash flow is a problem, you may not be able to fund proceedings yourself. For this reason, we will always consider your funding options with you at the outset, which could include CFA agreements (commonly called no win no fee agreements).

If you are in debt yourself and if someone is trying to make you bankrupt, we can discuss the different options available to you, from informal arrangements with your creditors, to IVAs (formal arrangements between you and your creditors to pay all or part of your debt, which is overseen and supervised by an Insolvency Practitioner) or ultimately, to petitioning for your own bankruptcy.

If your business is in financial difficulty, we can discuss options available to you whether you are a sole trader, a member of a partnership or a director or shareholder in a limited company. 

We can also advise you if you are owed money and your debtor is facing insolvency, or if they are already insolvent, we can advise you about recovering monies due to you within insolvency proceedings. 

At Samuels, we understand that debt and insolvency proceedings can be stressful and sometimes intimidating. Our experience means we can advise you about your options quickly and effectively. If you have a problem relating to insolvency, it is important to act quickly, as you are likely to have more options available to you.

Contact us for a free initial discussion of any insolvency related problem with one of our expert solicitors today. 


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