Problem with overhanging eaves or gutters?

Mark Cummings

Now that building space is at a premium, more and more properties are being squeezed into less and less space. 

If your neighbour's gutters or eaves overhang your property there could be a trespass, even if your use or enjoyment of your property is not affected. 

If the gutters or eaves have been there for a lengthy period of time, (and different rules apply differing time periods of 12 or 20 years), there may be little you can do. However, if they have been installed more recently, then it is possible that your neighbour is trespassing. 

Careful analysis would be required to determine whether a trespass has occurred. If the trespass is serious you may be able to mediate this bounary dispute with your neighbours, or bring Court proceedings to have the projections removed.

Samuels specialise in dealing with disputes of this nature and can advise you about any problems you may have with overhanging eaves or gutters, as well as any other issues affecting your property.

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