Finding a Conveyancing Solicitor in Kingsbridge

Gillian Hibbard

How to find a conveyancing solicitor in Kingsbridge.

When you’re looking for a solicitor to help you buy or sell your property, where on earth do you start?

Even the term ‘Conveyancing Solicitor’ is foreign to the person on the street. Conveyancing is such an old fashioned word, the definition is probably drifting out of the Oxford English Dictionary as I type, to be replace with ‘hangry’ and ‘mansplaining’ (a personal favourite). Property solicitor makes more sense, I think.

Back to where to start when looking for a property solicitor. The first place to ask is your estate agent, and if you like your agent, then that is the best place to start. Your agent will use the local property solicitors frequently, and will know if they are slow, cheerful, remote or efficient. Their opinion may be skewed by a solicitor’s taste in wine or lunch venue, but will generally favour those solicitors that actually get the job done well. Amen to that.

It turns out, from a recent survey done by the SRA (our regulatory body) that, in the main, people don’t choose their property solicitor because of the price, but on the basis of a recommendation. And that comes as no surprise. How do we choose anything else we want in life? Tripadvisor of course. Amazon reviews. Trustpilot. We ask other people. We rely on the opinions of those we have never met.

It’s a bit harder to find reviews on solicitors. I don’t know why. Perhaps conveyancing solicitors are reluctant to provide a platform to hear what clients think. Samuels ask clients to do a google review, so their opinions on our service can be ‘out there’ for all to see. Probably only 1 in 10 do it, (and they are generally glowing) but I like to think that’s ok. Unhappy clients are more likely to leave a review, so we obviously don’t have too many of those.

Then of course, price is a consideration. It’s important to know you aren’t being ripped off, that your solicitor’s fees are fair, middle of the road, value for money. Of course, there is always someone cheaper, but you will get what you pay for in the conveyancing, or should I say property, world. If you go with the cheap guys, you will struggle to get efficient service or good communication, because they are playing the volume game, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for the clients.

So if you’re looking for  a decent, communicative solicitor, a real human who will talk to you, and who can help you through the ‘property’ process, someone who will go the extra mile at a stressful time in your life then please contact us and give me a call on 01548 859303.

Better still read our reviews.