Can you enter into a contract over a pint?


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In a widely reported case involving the owner of Sports Direct, the High Court was asked to consider whether an informal conversation in a pub, between two businessmen, was enough to create a legal contract between them.

This particular case involved a potential multi million pound deal, but it is of wider interest as the court reiterated the well-established law in this area. 

It is perfectly legal for contracts between parties to be discussed and agreed in a pub, or in any other non-formal setting. You don't have to be sitting across the table from each other in a solicitor's office to do the deal!

However, if there is ever a dispute about whether a legally binding contract was created, the court will be asked to consider whether a "reasonable observer" would think that was what the parties having the discussion were intending. 

In the Sports Direct case, the court found that there was no intention to creat a legally binding contract, in the discussions which took place in a pub.

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