Can I get my deposit back?

Elle Brooks

The short answer is, that non-refundable deposits are not always considered to be fair under the law, even if they are part of a company's terms and conditions.

Under the Unfair Contract Terms legislation, companies are not entitled to retain any money in relation to goods or services which could be reasonably sold on.

For example a deposit paid on a wedding venue which can then be sold on to another couple, or a deposit paid on a holiday which could be resonably re-sold on by the travel company, may be considered to be unfair, if they are non-refundable.

In the case of weddings and holidays, these are often booked well in advance, meaning that the company or venue would have plenty of time to re-sell their product. 

The law says it is unfair for companies to hold onto large non-refundable deposits, as well as re-selling their goods or services, as this allows them to profit twice.

The Competion and Markets Authority have indicated that companies who continue to charge large non-refundable deposits could face disciplinary action and/or fines if they continue to unfairly profit from customers.

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