Whistle Blower Awarded Over £1 million

Mark Cummings  19-11-2020

Dr Raj Mattu was employed as a cardiologist with the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry.

Whilst in the Trust's employment he made protected disclosure (i.e. a disclosure which was in the public interest) concerning patients' safety, both on TV and in the press.

In 2010 Dr Mattu was dismissed and started proceedings in the Employment Tribunal.

After a lengthy trial, the Employment Tribunal found in Dr Mattu’s favour, saying that he had suffered detriment because he had made the disclosures (and also because the Trust had failed to make reasonable adjustments to address Dr Mattu’s disability).

The final figure that the trust must pay to Dr Mattu is currently being assessed but the award will be in excess of £1 million, with a maximum award being made for injury to feelings.

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