Flexible Funding Arrangements

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Now that traditional "no win no fee" arrangements have changed for most types of case, a more creative and flexible approach to funding cases is required.

At Samuels Solicitors, based in Barnstaple North Devon, we specialise in bespoke, client focussed funding arrangements, tailored to your individual needs.The stronger your case, the more flexible we can be. 

Examples of our flexible arrangements include:

  • traditional CFA (or "no win no fee") for matters where these are still available, such as libel and slander. For more information about no win no fee arrangements, click here;
  • deferment of fees, where nothing is paid (except for out of pocket expenses, such as Court fees or expert’s fees), until the matter is settled or concluded at Court;
  • new CFA (conditional fee agreement, traditionally “no win no fee”), where you pay nothing except out of pocket expenses if you lose, but you pay a “success fee” if you win;
  • many clients set up direct debits to pay us an agreed monthly amount, with the outstanding becoming payable when your matter is won at Court or settled; and
  • we will always explore with you whether you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance (often part of a home insurance policy) which will cover your legal fees.

Many of our services, such as will drafting, powers of attorney and conveyancing, will have fixed fees, so you will know at the outset what your costs will be. Even where we cannot act for you on a fixed fee basis, we will advise you about the likely costs you will incur at the outset.

Don't let cash flow be an obstacle to bringing a claim if you have a strong case.

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