Have you been badly advised by a solicitor?

Jan Samuel

Solicitors must provide their clients with professional, good quality advice. Sometimes the advice provided by solicitors falls short of this standard.

When solicitors give poor advice, it can cause huge financial harm to their clients.

  • For most people, buying a house will be their biggest ever purchase, and if it is not handled properly, (for example, if the property is not registered properly, if nearby planning applications are not identified prior to purchase, or if problems with the property such as restrictive covenants and rights of way are not identified by a solicitor and explained properly) the results can be devastating.
  • Solicitors are also entrusted to draft wills and deal with probate after someone has passed away. If a will is not properly drafted, or if an estate is not properly administered, the effects on clients and beneficiaries can be far reaching and can seriously affect the value of the estate. 
  • Many clients rely upon solicitors to advise them about the terms of contracts and agreements they are entering into. If a solicitor doesn't draft a contract properly, or fails to advise you about what a term in a contract means, it could cause unexpected and serious problems.
  • If you are already involved in a dispute and a solicitor didn't tell you to settle your claim at the right time, or if they handled the case badly and damaged your case, you could well have a claim against them. 

There is a duty upon solicitors to provide accurate advice. Negligence occurs when a solicitor's advice falls short of the standards required. When this leads to a financial loss for a client, that client can claim the loss against their solicitor.

At Samuels Solicitors, we are experts in helping clients who have been badly advised by solicitors, having successfully dealt with many hundreds of professional negligence claims over the years. We believe we are the only solicitors firm in North Devon with this niche specialism, although our clients come from all over the South West and throughout the UK. 

We appreciate that if you have been let down by a solicitor, you could be in financial difficulty. We have therefore developed innovative flexible funding options for clients who deserve access to justice.  

If you have been badly advised by a solicitor, contact us today for a discussion about how we can help. We give a free initial assessment of most professional negligence matters, so you have nothing to lose.

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