Does someone owe you money?

Matthew Howe  20-10-2015

Have you sent an invoice to someone which they haven't paid? Or perhaps they agreed to pay you a sum in a contract, which they have not honoured. Or have you loaned money which has not been returned to you as agreed? You might even have a court judgment against someone, who is still refusing to pay. 

Chasing bad debt can be a difficult and costly experience. 

At Samuels Solicitors, we appreciate that when you want to recover a bad debt, you want it to be paid as quickly as possible, and at minimal cost to you.

That is why we have developed our innovative low fixed fee debt recovery service. We will send a demand letter to the person who owes you money, for a fee of only £50 plus VAT. In our experience, around 90% of debtors will decide to pay upon receipt of a solicitors' letter. 

If no payment is received, we will discuss your options going forward and advise you about the costs and risks involved. It is entirely up to you at that stage whether you take any further action.

We appreciate that if you are owed a substantial sum, you may not be able to pay legal fees up front. This is why we have developed our innovative flexible funding options, which in some cases can include conditional fee arrangements if that is suitable for your case. 

Samuels Solicitors have been helping clients recover debts owed to them for over 25 years, from our base in North Devon. Clients who we have successfully recovered debts for, come from all over North Devon, the wider South West region, and beyond. 

If you have a debt you want to chase contact us today for a free discussion about how we can help. 

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