Further Court Fee Increases Considered

Judith Thompson

With court fees being the subject of further proposed increases, you may be asking yourself whether you can afford to start a claim.

It was only six months ago that Court fees in England and Wales were subject to huge increases, in some cases with fees going up by over 600%.

Solicitors are concerned to learn that the Ministry Of Justice is now holding a consultation to consider removing the current cap on court fees, which could mean that fees increase even further.

Jonathan Smithers, president of the Law Society spoke for many in the profession, when he said: 'raising fees further may render ordinary people's legal rights meaningless because they simply would not be able to afford to enforce them.'

Mr Smithers was also critical of the principle that the Court system should be used to make a profit for the government.

At Samuels, we have always been committed to ensuring that our clients have access to justice when they need it. This is why we have devised various creative litigation funding options for our clients, which can include conditional (no win no fee) arrangements in appropriate cases. We also work closely with litigation insurers to ensure you are protected whenever possible.

We will discuss most matters with you for free at the outset, with no further obligation if you decide that you do not wish to instruct us. 

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