Disinherited Daughter Awarded £30k from Estranged Father’s Will

Jan Samuel

In a recent judgment handed down by His Honour Judge Saffman at Leeds County Court, a daughter has been awarded £30,000 from her estranged father’s estate, which was worth £240,000.  Elena made the claim against Stanley’s estate, under The Inheritance (provision for family and dependents) Act 1975.

Stanley had written a letter, which accompanied his will, saying that all three of his children were explicitly disinherited, and in his will he left the whole of his estate to a friend.  However, two of his children made 1975 Act claims. 

Elena made a claim on the basis that she had made several attempts to be reconciled with her father prior to his death.  She also submitted that she wanted to finish a veterinary nurse course.  As a result, she was awarded £30,000.  Her brother Mark who was unable to work through ill health was awarded £22,000.

This decision is very important. The Supreme Court decision in Ilott v The Blue Cross and Others had suggested that estranged children would find it almost impossible to bring a claim against a parents’ estate, from which they had been disinherited. However, Elena’s wish to complete a veterinary nurse course was found to fall within the definition of “maintenance”, a requirement it seems of a successful claim. 

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