Had an Accident at Work?

Mark Cummings

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When we go to work, we hope that accidents will not happen. Unfortunately sometimes they do!

Examples of accidents that can happen at work are:

  • Head injury at work claims;
  • Manual handling claims;
  • Falling from a height claims;
  • Back injury at work claims;
  • Construction accident claims;
  • Work place slips and trips; and
  • Defective work equipment leading to accidents.

All UK employers have a duty to protect people who are at their premises from accident and injury. This duty covers their employees, and contractors who are working at their site, as well as visitors.

Typical steps that employers must take are as follows:

  • Providing suitable tools and machinery to complete the work safely;
  • Ensuring that the tools and machinery are in a safe condition;
  • Keeping the work place in a clean and tidy condition; and
  • Providing adequate training and safety wear.

At Samuels Solicitors, based in Devon, we are experts in dealing with compensation claims for people injured at work during the course of their employment.

We assess any claim for free. Where you have good prospects of success, we will consider with you whether you should instruct us under the terms of a conditional "no win no fee" arrangement.

Even if your matter is not suitable for a "no win no fee" arrangement, we are committed to helping our clients achieve access to justice, and so we have developed a range for flexible funding options to help you.

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