Will Writing Services Should be Regulated

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A will is an incredibly important legal document.

  • A badly drafted will can have negative tax implications.
  • There can be serious consequences for your loved ones, if arguments between members of your family start after your death, about the meaning of a poorly drafted will.
  • There are many legal requirements which have to be met to ensure that a will is valid and immune from challenge.
  • If your will is unclear, or if it does not meet the requirements of the law, the value of your estate could be seriously depleted by the cost of sorting out the problems, meaning there is less for you to pass on.

Incredibly, in the UK, will writing is still not regulated by the Law Society, or any other professional body. This means that more or less anyone can set themselves up as a "willl writer".

Abbie Kingdon, head of private client serivces at Samuels Solicitors, says that this has contributed to the three-fold increase in will disputes in recent times.

It seems that not only solicitors who believe that changes are necessary. New YouGov research prepared for the Law Society has revealed that well over half of people believe that will writing services ought to be regulated.

At Samuels, we have been preparing wills and assisting clients with probate for over 25 years. Our highly respected private client department prides itself on providing a caring, cost effective and professional service. 

We also appreciate that it can be worrying to think that your will may not have been drafted properly. That is why we will check any will, no matter who drafted it, at no cost to you.

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