Quick online will drafting - is it a good idea?

Abbie Kingdon

Last month, the Law Society Gazette reported on an organisation called Beyond which says it will offer a revolutionary service to "disrupt the legal profession".  Beyond’s intention is that people will be able to make a will in 10 minutes, after answering questions online.

The plan has received criticism from various organisations, including solicitors, and not just for the reasons which you might think. 

Abbie Kingdon, head of private client services at Samuels Solicitors says: “when you make a will, in private with a solicitor who understands the law and can assess the capacity of the testator, the risk of disputes arising at a later date are dramatically reduced. My fear is that a 10 minute online will making service will lead to many more disputes about inheritance. The likelihood is that lengthy and expensive inheritance disputes will arise, having the opposite effect of what Beyond hope to achieve”.

At Samuels Solicitors, based in Devon, we have a long history of assisting clients with preparing wills. Our dedicated and experienced staff will guide you through every step of the process, to ensure that you have a legally valid and properly drafted will, which ultimately means that your final wishes will be respected.

We are also experienced in assisting clients who wish to dispute a will which has not been prepared correctly, or is suspect for other reasons. 

If you need to make a will, or if you have a dispute about a will, contact us today for a free no obligation discussion about how we can assist.