What is a Living Will?

Abbie Kingdon

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A Living Will sets out a person’s wishes in relation to their end of life care and allows them to put advanced decisions, or advance directives, in place in circumstances where they have become seriously ill or incapacitated and they are unable to make or communicate such decisions themselves.

Who Needs a Living Will?

Living Wills are often prepared by people with degenerative or terminal illnesses, but in fact anyone can draw up a Living Will whenever they like.

Why are Living Wills a Good Idea?

Having a valid Living Will in place, reduces the burden on your loved ones to make difficult decisions at times which are distressing and upsetting for all concerned.

By making a Living Will you are in control and you can specify your wishes in relation to:

  • life sustaining medical or surgical  treatment;
  • life prolonging treatment;
  • consent to or refusal of other types of medical/surgical treatments; and
  • your wishes in relation to comfort and palliative care.

How Do I Make A Living Will?

A Living Will is an extremely important document, and the last thing you would want at the end of your life would be a dispute about whether or not it is valid. It is therefore vital that you receive expert advice to ensure that your Living Will is drawn up properly.

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