Understanding a Boundary Dispute

Mark Cummings

Boundary disputes can involve very complex areas of law, including addressing issues of boundary demarcation, easements, access to neighbouring land, Party Wall Act Notices, trespassing and nuisance. 

It is important that you have the right lawyer on your side who understands not only the complex areas of law involved, but is also familiar in dealing with emotive situations.  After all, most boundary disputes are very stressful.

We have recently concluded one such case. The client’s neighbours were difficult and contended ownership for an area of land forming part of a client’s title and sought to extinguish easements which affected both property titles.

After advising the clients and negotiating with the neighbour’s solicitors, we were able to negotiate a settlement of the dispute to the client’s satisfaction and as such avoided lengthy and costly court proceedings.

We at Samuels Solicitors have dealt with boundary disputes and similar cases for over 25 years and have subsequently gained a strong reputation for dealing with these disputes quickly and effectively.

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