Samuels Solicitors helps with Right to be Forgotten

Judith Thompson  18-11-2016

Samuels Solicitors has made a successful right to be forgotten application to Google, which has resulted in a damaging local newspaper article being omitted from search results about our client.

Our client is a practicing dentist, who received a caution in 2008 for attempting to blame his recently deceased mother for a speeding ticket.

A story appeared in our client's local paper and online in 2010, and the online version of the story was updated in 2013, referring to our client's caution. A link to the article appeared in search results against our client's name, causing significant disruption to his personal and professional life. This was despite the fact that the General Dental Council had decided that no action should be taken against him. 

We were instructed to make an application to Google for the right to be forgotten, which we are delighted was successful. This means that when a search is carried out on Google of our client's name, the offending article which has been delisted, will no longer appear in the results. 

There is no such thing as "tomorrow's chip paper" any more, and harmful information about individuals can remain online for many years, causing problems with employers, personal relationships and business interests. 

We will always carry out applications for the right to be forgotten for a low fixed fee, so there will be no nasty surprises. The whole process, from instructing us, to getting a response to the application, usually takes just a matter of days. 

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