What can I do if my solicitor has made a mistake?

Judith Thompson

When you pay for legal services, you are entitled to expect that your solicitor will carry out their work with reasonable skill and care. If your solicitor has fallen short of this and has made a mistake, you may well have a claim against them.

Examples of mistakes which are commonly made by solicitors are:

  • failing to ensure that wills are drafted properly
  • failing to identify boundaries properly, when a property is being bought or sold
  • failing to identify the tax implications of settlements or contractual arrangements
  • missing court deadlines
  • failing to preserve rights of way
  • failing to draft contracts or terms and conditions properly
  • providing poor advice about the strength of your claim

When you have been let down by a professional, it is important that you get expert legal advice as quickly as possible, as there are time limits for bringing a claim against a solicitor. 

Samuels has a formidable reputation in this specialist area, built up over many years. Our senior partner, Jan Samuel, is one of the region's leading experts in claims against solicitors. 

We understand that it can be difficult to pay for advice when you have already suffered a loss, so we always discuss funding options with clients at the outset. We can offer "no win no fee" (conditional fee) arrangements to clients with strong cases. 

If a solicitor has let you down, contact us by email or telephone on 01271 343457, for a free initial assessment of your case.