My solicitor has made a mistake - help!

Judith Thompson  05-05-2015

When your solicitors makes an error, the results can be devastating. You trusted them to handle your case properly, but they have let you down. Maybe you instructed them to buy or sell a property for you, but they have made mistakes which have affected the value of your home. Did you ask your solicitor for advice about tax or probate and they advised you wrongly, meaning that you ended up out of pocket?

In any of these cases, you should be able to claim compensation from your solicitor, to put the problems right. 

It may be obvious to you that your solicitor has caused your problem, but what are the steps that you need to take to recover compensation and what do you do about the further legal costs that you will incur? 

The very first thing you should do, is speak to a solicitor who is experienced in handling claims against solicitors. They will be able to tell you whether you have to pay any more fees to your first solicitor and what steps you need to take to protect yourself, to make sure your losses don't get any worse. 

An experienced professional negligence claim solicitor will also be able to tell you whether you need to instruct an independent expert (such as a tax professional or property surveyor) to advise you about the mistake your solicitor has made, and what an appropriate level of compensation would be. 

You will also need to know how to obtain your file from the solicitor who you think has been negligent, and consider whether you should make a formal complaint, report them to the Solicitors' Regulation Authority, or the Legal Ombudsman. 

Samuels Solicitors are experts in professional negligence claims, with many decades of helping clients who have been let down by their solicitors. When you first contact us, we will be happy to have a no obligation discussion with you about your case. 

If your original solicitors have not finished the matter they are dealing with, we will be able to take the case over, and sort out the problems as far as it is possible to do so. 

Once the original matter is concluded, we will be able to help you bring a claim against your previous solicitor, for compensation to put you back in the position you would have been in, if the negligence had not happened, which includes pursuing them for the extra legal fees that you have incurred. 

If you have a very strong case, we might be able to help you under the terms of a conditional fee agreement, or some other type of bespoke funding arrangement. 

If your solicitor has caused you financial loss, or if you simply wish to change solicitors because you no longer have faith in their ability to represent you, contact us today for a no obligation discussion. 

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