First ever damages award for "sexting"

Judith Thompson  09-12-2015

A new case has set a precedent for claims involving "sexting". If somone suffers psychological harm as a result of being manipulated into sending explicit messages, or images of themselves to another person, they will be able to bring a claim for damages.

In the recently decided case, the court heard how Mr William Whillock, a teacher, encouraged a female pupil to send him explicit photographs of herself by text. He told her to delete the messages, but they were discovered on her phone by another teacher. He was arrested at school in front of his colleagues and pupils.

The girl claimed that she had suffered psychological harm as a result. The court agreed, and awarded her £25,000 in damages.

Mr Whillock also pleaded guilty to possessing indecent photographs of a child and was handed a three year community sentence.

This case sets a precedent for the future, and with the prevalence of means of communication such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, FaceBook and others, other cases are bound to be brought.

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