Did I Settle My Claim For Too Little?

Jan Samuel

It is important to try and settle cases without going to court, to save time, stress and legal costs, but in some cases, solicitors negligently advise clients to settle for too little compensation, which means they could bring a claim.


Why Should I Try To Settle A Case?

Most disputes in the UK end in settlement. A good solicitor should always encourage you to consider settling your case, before court proceedings have started, and as the court case progresses. Often, settlement can be achieved using a trained mediator, who helps opposing parties to reach a compromise.

Trying to settle is very important, because if you fail to do so, you could be ordered to pay extra costs at trial, even if you win. 


Have I Settled For Too Little?

Whilst most settlements will be fair, there can be times when you may feel you have settled for too little.

Sometimes, this can be because your solicitor has made a mistake, and has simply forgotten to include damages you were entitled to in your claim. Maybe your solicitor did not have the expertise to deal with your case properly and didn't understand the issues in the case.

It could also be because you were badly advised about the figure you should accept in settlement and you would actually have been entitled to more.


What Can I Do Next?

In circumstances where you have settled for too little because your solicitor advised you wrongly, or missed part of your claim, you could be entitled to bring a negligence claim against your solicitor for the losses you have suffered.

We are experts in bringing claims against solicitors who have advised their clients to settle too early, for too little. We appreciate that you may not have the funds to start a claim, and we are committed to assisting clients with access to justice. This means that we might be able to assist you under the terms of a conditional fee agreement, or some other type of arrangement.  

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