Samuels Solicitors Opens in Kingsbridge

Gillian Hibbard

I’m delighted to finally announce that we have opened our Kingsbridge office! Samuels have been in business in North Devon for over 25 years, and have now made the great move to open a small branch office here in Kingsbridge.

It’s compact and bijoux, and we love it. As my specialism is Property, then you won’t be surprised to hear that Conveyancing is taking the lead in these premises, but we also have the full gamut of legal services available – including Wills, Boundary disputes, Defamation and Probate.

Opening a new firm, but not being new to the area offers quite a unique perspective on our lovely town. People of the town have been cautious, in case I’m a newbie. But that’s the Devon way, isn’t it? Devon is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, and surely that’s what counts.

Looking at the property market, it seems optimistic, as though it is just rubbing its hands together before stepping out into the breeze. I know the feeling. I see that lots are coming on to the market, and some from last year are being reduced in a hope to re-invigorate interest. My agent friends tell me that it’s ‘picking up’. So I wish good luck to you all – buyers and sellers alike.

As a one-off special to celebrate the opening of the new office, we are offering a no-sale, no-fee service for instructions received before 9th February 2018. So don’t hang about!

Please contact us by email or give me a call on 01548 859331, if you would like us to get you a fixed fee quote for our conveyancing work.

You can expect a friendly face, a warm Devon welcome and great service.