Can I Get Embarrassing Pictures Removed from the Internet?

Right to be Forgotten Expert Solicitors

Samuels has launched a new "Right to be Forgotten" Service, available to clients online. This service will be of interest to people who have unwanted results appearing on Google. 

Requests can be made by individuals or businesses, to have unwanted results removed in certain circumstances, such as:

  • when embarrassing pictures appear
  • mentions in a newspaper articles
  • going into liquidation or becoming bankrupt
  • being accused of a crime such as fraud
  • if you have been a victim of libel.

The usual request will be for the removal of results which contain the name of an individual or a company.

The European Court has ruled that content should be removed by the search engine if it is:

  • irrelevant,
  • outdated, or
  • otherwise inappropriate.

Requests must be made in the correct form and include certain prescribed information, such as the URLs to be removed, and an explanation of why the URLs fall within the scope of the European Court's ruling. 

Each request will be examined on a case by case basis by the internet search engine and their decisions can also be appealed. 

It will always be extremely difficult to be "forgotten" from the internet entirely. However, if a request to Google UK to have content removed is successful, the content would also be removed from Google in the other EU countries. 

We provide quick and efficient assistance in submitting requests to Google, for a low fixed fee.

Click here to complete our online form or contact us for a fee no obligation disucssion about how we can help. 

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