Record libel damages for Melania Trump?

Judith Thompson

The Daily Mail and Mail Online have agreed to pay significant undisclosed damages to Melania Trump to settle a claim for libel.

Mrs Trump brought libel proceedings against The Daily Mail and the Mail Online in relation to claims that she “provided services beyond simply modelling”.

A statement agreed by the parties was read out in Court, which confirmed that there was no truth in the allegations which had been made about Mrs Trump.

It is thought that Melania Trump had been seeking damages of around $150 million.  The precise sum has not been disclosed, but it is thought that the total sum she will receive (to include damages and legal costs) will be approximately $3 million. 

It is believed that Associated Newspapers have apologised to Mrs Trump.

This could well be one of the highest settlements achieved in a libel claim in the English Courts, and reflects the prominence of the article and Mrs Trump’s public profile.

Libel expert Judith Thompson, a partner in Samuels Solicitors based in Devon, says “this is an interesting case as it demonstrates that even when both parties have deep pockets, the emphasis should be on settlement rather than pursuing a claim or defence to the bitter end. Although the libel damages in this case are reportedly very high, they are relative to the damage caused and provide a useful indicator to legal practitioners in this complex area, as to the level of damages which may be sought”.

Samuels Solicitors based in Devon have a niche specialism developed over a number of years in dealing with libel and slander cases. 

We act for clients on a conditional (no win no fee) basis wherever possible and have achieved numerous significant settlements for clients over the years.

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