No Win No Fee Defamation Going from Strength to Strength

Judith Thompson

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Samuels Solicitors, based in North Devon, are receiving an increasing number of enquiries relating to defamation. Online defamation is most common on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Whatsapp, but also on review sites such as Tripadvisor and Google reviews. 

False accusations can have wide ranging consequences, as lies can be spread and shared online so easily. 

Samuels has a niche specialism in this area, developed over the last few years, particularly since the implementation of the Defamation Act 2013, which came into force in April 2014. We are experts in having reviews removed, and bringing proceedings for damages on behalf of clients whose reputation has been harmed by untrue statements being made against them. 

Examples of claims we have dealt with are:

  • accusing someone of being a paedophile;
  • accusing someone of harming animals;
  • accusing someone of being a thief;
  • false accusations against a business; and
  • fake online reviews. 

We act for many clients bringing claims for libel or slander, using conditional (no win no fee) agreements. This means that if our client is unsuccessful, they do not have to pay our fees. The law on libel moves as quickly as developments in social media use and up to date advice is required to ensure you get the best help. There has even been a case reported where Google was sued for defamation in Australia, in relation to an image which appeared in search results. Records for the level of damages for libel are regularly broken.  

If you have been the victim of libel (defamation in writing) or slander (defamation which is spoken), then we can help.

If you need a no win no fee defamation solicitor, with the right expertise to help you, call 01271 343457 today for a free discussion, or send us an email enquiry