Pay Rise for 1/3 of Torridge Workers

Mark Cummings

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Third of Torridge Employees Set for Pay Rise

The National Living Wage will see increases in wages for certain workers across the UK. Workers in traditionally low-paid areas of the country will potentially feel much more of a difference in their pay packet, than workers who live in more affluent areas. 

At present, it is estimated that around 35% of workers in the Torridge area, earn less than the new National Living Wage, and they are set to benefit the most from the changes. 

Employers need to be aware that they are going to be obliged to pay the new rate immediately the new law comes into force. 


What is the National Living Wage?

The National Living Wage is a new statutory minimum level of pay for workers aged 25 and over. It is possible that the age limit could be reduced in the future, to include younger workers. 


When does the National Living Wage start?

The National Living Wage will become law on 1 April 2016. Employees should be paid at the new hourly rate from that date onwards. Employers failing to pay that rate will find themselves in difficulty. 


How much will the National Living Wage be?

The National Living Wage will be £7.20 per hour, when it is introduced on 1 April 2016, although it is likely that this may be subject to rises in the future. The rate of £7.20 is 50p per hour higher than the current National Minimum Wage. 


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