Do you need help resolving a legal dispute?

Judith Thompson  22-09-2015

Disputes can arise in hundreds of different ways for a whole range of reasons.

These are just a few examples of the enquiries we receive and problems our clients have been faced with, where we have been able to assist:

Someone has made an untrue statement about me on social media

Untrue, or defamatory, statements on social media can cause huge problems for innocent people. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chap and Tik Tok all carry content which can be easily shared, meaning that libel can spread very quickly. 

The time limits for bringing a claim for libel are very short and so if you need to take action to protect yur reputation, you should speak to a lawyer sooner rather than later. 

My previous solicitor has made a mistake 

When you instruct a solicitor, you are entitled to expect them to deal with your case properly. Mistakes can be made, and those mistakes can be very costly to put right. 

If your previous solicitor has done something wrong, you may well be able to bring a claim against them for professional negligence. 

My husband left me out of his will

A spouse is required to make adequate provision for their husband or wife in a will. When that doesn't happen, it is possible to challenge their will. 

There can be many reasons why a will can be challenged, including when someone did not have capacity to make their will, or they were persuaded to leave their assets to one particular person. 

I want to sue someone who hasn't paid my invoice

Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, the failure of clients and customers to pay their bills on time can cause you a huge headache. 

We have a bespoke debt recovery service which involves fixed fees at most stages, so you can keep a close eye on what you are spending to recover your debts. 

My neighbour has taken part of my garden

Trespass and boundary disputes are an increasing problem. Where a neighbour has taken over land which belongs to you, there are steps you can take, but there are time limits and the process can be complicated. 

Land Registry plans are not always accurate in showing the boundaries of a property, which can lead to further problems, but this can be rectified. 

My builder has left without finishing the job 

If a builder has left your property without finishing their work, or if their work is substandard, it is important that you take steps to recover the situation as quickly as possible. 

In many cases, you will need to instruct an expert to examine the work which has been done, and then obtain quotes to put it right. 

I have fallen out with my business partner

Disputes between partners are not uncommon and can be very damaging to a business. They can arise for lots of different reasons, including if one partner contributes more to the business, or one tries to take more profits from it.

Very often disputes can be resolved and the business can continue. In other cases, one partner might need to buy out the other, or they might agree that the business as a whole should be sold. 

How Samuels Solicitors can help

Samuels Solicitors is a niche litigation firm with an enviable reputation. In all of the above circumstances, we have assisted clients to achieve a cost-effective solution.

We will always have a free no obligation discussion with you when you contact us for the first time. We have the expertise to guide you through the whole litigation process, from start to finish. 

Litigation can be expensive but we are committed to ensuring that our clients have access to justice. This is why we have developed innovative approaches to litigation funding to assist you wherever we can.  

If you are involved in a dispute, don't delay any longer. Contact us for a free discussion about how we can assist you.

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