England's Incapacity Crisis - what can be done?

Abbie Kingdon  23-08-2018

A recent report published by Solicitors for the Elderly raises fears that the UK is at a real risk of an incapacity crisis because not enough people have made provision for the future by preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

An LPA is an important document which sets out who would want to deal with your affairs, if you lose the ability to do this for yourself. 

According to the report, there are currently 928,000 LPAs registered in England, against a backdrop of an ageing population, and around 12.8 million people over the age of 65. The report further states that there has been an increase in people being diagnosed with dementia, and that by 2025 around 13.2 million people will be at risk.

The report highlights the need for people to plan for the future and for the unexpected and not to leave it chance, which can prove extremely upsetting not only for the person who has lost mental capacity but also for their families.

Abbie Kingdon, expert private client solicitor at Samuels Solicitors LLP says: “ People do not realise that an LPA can only be put in place whilst person still has mental capacity. Once mental capacity has been lost, families or loved ones will have to apply to a specialist court for a Court Order to enable them manage that person’s affairs which is a time consuming and expensive process. We have seen an increase in applications for Deputyship Orders recently as people have left it far too late to be able to put an LPA in place.”

Abbie and her team have a wealth of experience in preparing and registering LPAs.  

If you or a loved one would like some further information about putting an LPA in place, contact one of the team who will be happy to have a free, no obligation discussion with you.